Celebrating the International Animation Day (IAD) 2015 !

On behalf of ASIFA-JAPAN, I am most delighted to be able to celebrate the International Animation Day (IAD) - October 28th -, again this year, together with all of you around the world "simultaneously".

International Animation Day was established in 2002 by ASIFA. On and around October 28th, we organize animation screenings, exhibitions, seminars, workshops etc., aiming the development of this unique art form.

ASIFA-JAPAN is pleased to offer three exchange program DVDs "ASIFA-JAPAN Vol. 1 - Vol. 3", composed of our members' high quality animation shorts. It is one of main aims of International Animation Day to promote cross-cultural exchanges through the art of animation.

I truly hope that many people will join our celebration and, on this occasion, enjoy the variety of expressions created in animation art.

Looking forward to your participation to IAD 2015 !

Sayoko Kinoshita
Vice-President of ASIFA, President of ASIFA-JAPAN