Celebrating the International Animation Day (IAD) 2010 !

We are having International Animation Day (IAD) close at hand, on October 28th. I am very pleased that we, together with our friends and colleagues of animation all over the world, share the joy of celebrating "The Day of Animation" at the same moment.

Established in 1960, ASIFA now commemorates the 50th anniversary this year. There are many celebration events throughout the world this year and next. And as well as at International Animation Festival in Japan - HIROSHIMA 2010, a number of special programs of 50th anniversary were screened; and we and our friends, visiting to the Festival from every corner of the world, celebrated this memorable year. Mr. Raoul Servais who made the official poster of this year's IAD served the president of ASIFA for nine years, and is the honorary president of the 50th anniversary.

I sincerely wish to continue our effort and activities to promote and develop animation as an important art form for the next 50 years, and thus contribute to cross-cultural exchanges and permanently pacified world.

Dear friends and colleagues of animation, let us have a wonderfully successful International Animation Day 2010 this year again!

Sayoko Kinoshita
Vice President of ASIFA/ President of ASIFA-Japan