On the occasion of IAD 2008

I am most pleased that the International Animation Day (IAD) will be held again this year for its 7th edition. This is one of the most important activities of ASIFA since 2002, to celebrate Emile Reynaud’s first public performance of animation by Theatre Optique at the Grevin Museum in Paris on October 28th, 1892. I am very happy that this manifestation is getting more and more active every year in many countries, by holding animation screenings, seminars, etc., at almost the same time throughout the world.

ASIFA was established in 1960 by many great masters of animation, including Paul Grimault, Lev Atamanov, Norman McLaren, John Hubley, Ivan Ivanov Vano, Karel Zeman, Alexandre Alexeieff, etc., under the spirit of pursuing world peace, and aiming to promote friendship and mutual understanding between different cultures through the development of our unique art medium --- animation. This precious spirit of our founders is taken over till today in our activities.

Today, in this computer age, it has become much easy for many people to produce animation and to express themselves through animation. It is now understood in various different fields that animation is a very effective medium to convey your ideas. However, on the other hand, although there are many high quality animation works in the world, I regret that they are still not yet recognized widely. While many countries are organizing international film festivals themselves, I believe that IAD, which is held together around the world, will be a great driving force for the diffusion of animation art medium.

In our very short history of 100 years or so, animation has been making progress with profound potentiality, and artists have been creating marvelous new expressions year by year to give us a happy surprise. I am most pleased that the development of animation medium, composed of all and every cultural aspects created by human being, will contribute to the realization of the true peaceful society, as ASIFA pursues in its spirit. I truly hope that IAD 2008 will be celebrated with much happiness and success !!!

Sayoko Kinoshita
President of ASIFA